Welcome to the best political satire (humor/fiction) on the internet.

Schmuck Weekly is the brainchild of a fat Jewish guy with one arm. He learned at an early age that ignorance, incompetence and hate must be confronted head on with sarcasm and brutal honesty. The pages of Schmuck Weekly may be patronizing, humorous and politically incorrect, but they will also reveal truths rarely discussed or reported by the mainstream press. No subject is off limits and if you are easily offended or can’t handle news sources that are objective (equal opportunity offender) may I suggest MSNBC or the New York Times.

Schmuck Weekly is inspired by those my father dubbed a “schmuck” or “that mother f**ker.” With that said, thank you Jimmy Carter and Pat Buchanan for the parental encouragement.

You will find politicians, political pundits, journalists, world leaders, pop culture icons and social fades favorite topics (targets) of Schmuck Weekly writers and contributors. Don’t be fooled by the title; we reserve the right to publish whenever we want or have the time to update the website.

Let’s have some fun, have a conversation and don’t be a schmuck.

Schmuck Weekly: Serious Satire, Seriously!

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