Joseph Shbotnick (Editor)

Joseph grew up in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. His father had an unspecified job with the city and served as his neighborhood precinct captain for the late Mayor Richard J. Daley’s political machine. Apparently dad’s job was always dependent on the voter turnout in his precinct. Joseph learned to despise politics at an early age and turned his focus on sports and music dreaming to one day play for the Da Bears as a long-snapper or play accordion for band Styx.

At the age of 12 Joseph was told by his music teacher that he had no talent and he should pursue a career in professional wrestling or blowing glass. He learned he had a gift for writing when his letters to Penthouse Forum where consistently being published. On a cold Chicago afternoon, Joseph met Paulie by chance waiting in line at a popular Italian Beef joint. The pages of Schmuck Weekly reveal the magic brought together that day because a couple fat guys where craving a combo with hot peppers.

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