Paulie (Publisher)

Batboy Paulie CropIn the tradition of Elvis, Prince and Charo, Paulie doesn’t need a last name. He is the fat, one-armed, Jewish guy in the room; and if you can’t remember who he is after meeting him, seek immediate medical attention. But Paulie is more than a balding, asymmetrical forty-something, gawking at your wife’s/girlfriend’s chest.  Greater than the sum of his parts (minus the arm), his opinion on politics, sports and popular culture has been highly sought after for decades. His keen insight into our world stems from a lifetime of suffering – i.e., dealing with schmucks – whose narrow view of the world has inspired him to challenge conventional wisdom and egocentrism; to find solutions, not perpetuate the status quo.

Paulie grew up in the heart of Jewish liberalism – Skokie, Illinois. Early in life he learned that government was corrupt, incompetent and craven. Schmuck Weekly was inspired by his father’s appellation for the King of Schmucks, President Jimmy Carter.  “That mother-f*cker” was the term of endearment used when our 39th president was the topic of conversation in our household. Years later, similar epithets were used to describe folks like Secretary of State James Baker and Pat Buchanan, whose 1992 GOP convention speech made more sense when spoken in its original German.

Paulie’s political perspective derives from a Libertarian slant, while his satirical articles will offer not-so-subtle messages and wake-up calls for the reader. There is more than a hint of truth in the pages of Schmuck Weekly.  And if you tell him that there was ever a better football player than Walter Payton – expect your ass to get kicked by a one-armed fat guy.