Yehudit, Zionist Zealot (Columnist)

Yehudit Picture

Born and raised in the Albany Park community of Chicago when it was a thoroughly (albeit eclectically) Jewish neighborhood, Yehudit’s exposure to Judaism ran the gamut from bareheaded Classical Reform to shtreimel-to-knickers Chassidism.  Little did she know how profound a role such disparate influences would play in her spiritual journey as an adult.

The upshot is a hybrid whose Chassidishe worldview is affirmed with every Sabbath and holiday observance – notwithstanding the mode of transportation for getting there – and whose Reform mother wonders where she went wrong.

As with Yehudit’s Judaism, the rightward trajectory has played out in the realm of her politics as well (a common correlation), providing yet another reason why her lifelong Democrat mother wonders if the hospital got the babies mixed up.

Other than the chronic cognitive dissonance that comes with the territory of religious hybridism, along with pariah status in a family of Democrats, the only other thing you might want to know about Yehudit is that her sense of humor is devoutly unorthodox.

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