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First Lady honors anti-Semite and enthusiastic celebrant of 9/11

Samira Ibrahim is the latest recipient of the Department of State’s International Women of Courage Award.  Joining Secretary of State John Kerry to present the award will be First Lady Michelle Obama for whom this will indeed be a proud moment.

Ibrahim was among the women forcibly subjected to a virginity test by the new government of Egypt for demonstrating in Tahrir Square.  You have to hand it to the Obama administration.  One day they are handing out money to the government that supports raping women and the next they are giving an award to one of the victims. Who says you can’t have a finger in every pie?

Among Ms. Ibrahim’s other credentials for the award is that she is a Muslim.  It seems that only Muslim women qualify, for only Muslim women can be courageous.  In addition, she is a rabid anti-Semite, enthusiastic celebrant of the 9/11 tragedy, and loves Adolph Hitler. When Americans or Israelis die, Ms. Ibrahim creatively tweets her unrestrained pleasure.

Samira Ibrahim contemplating her next anti-Semitic tweet.

Samira Ibrahim contemplating her next anti-Semitic tweet.

“This might be true,” a visibly upset Michelle Obama said to a reporter from Christian News Network, who was holding the First Lady accountable. “But she is, after all, no Holocaust denier like some of the other finalists for the award. What distinguishes Samira and what impressed me, as one of the judges, is that she not only acknowledges that the Holocaust occurred, but she also has gone to great lengths to articulate the role of the Jewish conspiracy behind Hitler and the Holocaust.  This put her light years ahead of the other candidates. I know this is true because I went to Princeton.  You should read my senior thesis to see how accomplished I was at such a tender age.  Well, you should read it, if Princeton will ever release it, that is.”

Asked for a comment on the award, former President Jimmy Carter noted, “I think this is a great thing.  At first, there was some resistance from the Saudis who think that rape is an appropriate punishment for women who go to demonstrations and are out and about without being accompanied by a male relative.  You know, the Saudis rescued my peanut farm when it nearly went into bankruptcy from Billy’s mismanagement of the place.  Ms. Lillian tried to get Billy to stop drinking, but when they made that ‘Billy Beer,’ he just couldn’t resist it.  Thanks to Allah—err I mean God—for the Saudis and their generosity.  I am deferential to the Saudi view of things. How could I not be?  But when I told them Ms. Ibrahim celebrated 9/11, loved Hitler, and spoke of the Holocaust as a Jewish conspiracy, well, you know, how could they resist?”

Carter went on to say that the Saudis were concerned about the results of the virginity test.  But Carter assuaged their concerns by telling them that Bill Clinton and Senator Bob Menendez were independently going to perform an internal, hands-on investigation of the matter. Caught in a legal battle over allegations of sexual impropriety with teenage girls, Menendez said that if he was not available, former Illinois Congressman Mel Reynolds was eager to replace him.  “Congressman Reynolds’ reputation for expertise in this matter precedes him,” Menendez said.  “Some of us sneak around and have sex with underage girls, but few, like Reynolds, have the courage to go to prison for their beliefs. Reynolds is a stand-up guy that other Democrats should emulate.”

Schmuck Weekly Update

Media inquiries have apparently forced someone at the Department of State to pull their head out of their ass and take a closer look at Ms. Ibrahim. Though she has traveled to the U.S. to receive the International Women of Courage Award, her trip has turned out to be a waste of time and taxpayer money. A little birdy named Twitter reported that the anti-Semitic bitch has left a trail of tweets quoting Hitler, celebrating the murder of Israelis in Bulgaria, and applauding the September 11, 2012 siege of the U.S. embassy in Cairo.

In a desperate effort to save her award, Ibrahim claimed that her Twitter page was hacked, undoubtedly by Zionists – you know – Jews. But on her alleged hacked Twitter account she wrote (translated from Arabic) “I refuse to apologize to the Zionist lobby in America regarding my previous anti-Zionist statements under pressure from American government therefore they withdrew the award.”